What I wore today #2

When it comes to fashion I think the majority of the rules should be followed but sometimes coloring out of the lines is appropriate.

Dressing correctly for the right occasion can make a world of difference. Dressing incorrectly can shut a door faster than you can tie your shoes.

On Friday, I had an investor meeting. I had to look the part but I still had to be me.

On a quick side note, I am looking for investors, so if you know of anyone please send them my way.

Here is what I wore -

My shirt wasn't as wrinkled when I wore it Friday (and I don't have many of the shirts left for those interested). The shirt is made in the USA and the fabric is wonderful. A nice 120's 2 ply.

The pants are, in my opinion, a work of genius and not just because I made them. The pants are hand sewn in NYC by one of the few hand sewn pant makers left in the States. The pants are genius because of the fabric; flannel bonded to knit, similar to a tee shirt.

The fabric is made by one of my favorite Italian mills, Botto Giuseppe. Like most of the Biella mills, Botto makes a great product, but where Botto shines is in their specialty fabrics. They seamlessly blend formal and sportswear together, making some of the most interesting fabrics on the market today.

The knit makes for a breathable, comfortable pant, and eliminates the need for lining them, brilliant!

The wallet shown with the pants was a gift. Honestly, I hate the wallet. It's made like shit and it's too big. I miss my old wallet. My old wallet was "Coach". I bought it when I was in the 9th grade and used it daily for 29 years. It went through multiple washings, several dips in multiple pools, and few swims in the ocean. Its poor demise was found at the puppy mouth of my dog Violet.

I can't comment on the quality of Coach products today but my wallet was the shit.

The pig tie is totally me. I enjoy wearing fun prints without them being ostentatious. The pig tie is hand printed. Only a few companies still print by hand because it is a slow and tedious process: two words that fashion doesn't like to hear.

My socks are prototypes. A cashmere/wool blend. Pretty comfy socks.

The underwear are bamboo sorona; mega soft and comfortable as all get out. They are also antimicrobial with amazing wicking properties. You will be really hard pressed to find a better pair of drawers.

I didn't want to wear a blazer and with the recent rash of cold weather I had to take advantage of my prototype sweater jacket. I started with using some of the best yarn in the world. I chose a blend of cashmere/wool from Carriaggi. Of all the players in the cashmere game I lean towards Carriaggi. The finished product always seems softer.

The sweater jacket is fully fashioned in Italy.

Lastly, the shoes. Brown suede wing tip sneakers. I don't know if the shoes were appropriate for the season, and truthfully, I don't care. Like I said, it's OK to color out of the lines.

The shoes  are full grain suede with a calfskin lining. Comfortable and made properly from one of Italy's finest sneaker makers.

Conservative without being dull and totally appropriate for an investor meeting by showing a potential partner the luxury and craftsmanship behind WvG while staying true to myself.








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