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Posted: Feb 10 2016

Let's start this with an apology. I need to apologize for two things. First, I should have done these types of blog posts a long time ago. Second, I need to learn how to fold clothes better.

I have been in the fashion industry for over 15 years, and I sucked at folding clothes the entire time.

This is what I wore yesterday. Everything I wore, except the boots (not shown) and knife, were WvG, naturally.


It was a brisk 34 degrees out when I walked the dogs (That's 1.111 Celsius for non-Americans) yesterday morning. 

Layers are key for Fall/Winter (hell anytime, if need be).

To keep my grape warm, I wore a light gray whole garment wool beanie.

Next, my torso. I wore three pieces. I started with a heavy weight bamboo sorona v-neck tee.

The great thing about the tees are not just that they are soft as a baby's bottom, but the tee's have amazing wicking properties and are  antimicrobial.This keeps you warm and odor free.

I love these things. You love these things. I am sorry I didn't make more.

Next, a popcorn stitch whole garment merino whole turtle neck. This particular sweater is a few seasons old. I still wear it a lot. The sweater has kept its shape for years and is incredibly comfortable. The whole garment construction gives me the range of motion I need while walking the dogs and doing other activities outdoors without any loss of mobility.

The last torso piece is my quilted camo shirt jacket. I just recently snagged one of these. I have worn it literally every morning since I got it.  The shirt jacket is water and wind resistant with a down fill equivalent to a 400/450 fill garment. 

I don't go out much, unless it's taking a hike or doing errands. The shirt jacket is that piece I needed in my life. It has the perfect combination of weight, warmth, and fit for my lifestyle.



I walk the dogs for about an hour every morning. Yesterday, I had to unbutton the shirt jacket because I got too warm, walking.

If I needed to, I could have taken the shirt jacket off and shoved it into the dog bag I use. The beauty of layers.

The shirt jacket is the furthest thing from bulky. It travels great. Wadding it up into a little ball is not a problem.

Being able to store it easily is another huge plus in my book.


Now for bottoms.

I wore a pair of washed canvas chinos in the predator body.  These chinos are tough and comfortable.

The chinos pictured are no loner in stock , either, sorry.

Not pictured were the bamboo sorona undies. The underwear share the same attributes as the tee. They make the twigs and berries, happy!

The knife was a gift and it I dig it. The brand is Schrade. I don't know a lot about knives or the brand. I do know I like this particular knife and it does what I need it to.

Finally, the mittens. I ended up not wearing them. They went into the dog bag. I rarely wear gloves or mittens but when I do it means, it's cold as fuck.  I enjoy wearing the mittens but if you are looking for something that will keep your hands crazy warm these mittens aren't for you. I consider the mittens "city mittens". City mittens are something you need for short distances or you are using while getting in and out of a car to work or the grocery store. 

I forgot to take a picture of the boots I was wearing. Here is a link to Obōz .

I really like these boots. I spend more time in nature than in the city, these boots do the trick.

I don't wear Aldens or boots in that category. That kind of boot can't hold up like I need them to, in the type of environment I am using the Obōz for.

I will try to get more of these posts up moving forward. Thanks for the support!









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