Spring/Summer 2017 Conversationals Part 1

Posted: Apr 26 2016

I am tried of being behind the eight ball, so I started to be proactive. WvG is putting out a lot of great product in advance and showing fabric well before the season starts. This gives my rewards members and potential new clients a chance to see what will be available well before pre-order starts.

Nobody, will be surprised and has plenty of time to decide on what they really want.

Here, are most of the Spring/Summer 2017 conversationals, I picked out. I am sure, I will find some more next week while I am in NYC, when I view the Japanese collections. The fabrics shown below are what I picked out while I was in Italy. All the fabrics are from Albiate, Thomas Mason, or Albini. 

I hope you enjoy what I have picked out. 

1. Jacquard Surfer Chicks on Oxford.


 2. Jacquard VW Bus with Surf Boards on Oxford.


3. Crabs ( I have a linen and cotton variation of this print).

4. Fish ( I am making a shirt and tees with this print)

Fish printed in linen ( shirt)

Fish printed on cotton jersey. 

5. Tropical Birds ( Digitally printed on cotton).

I bought enough fabric to make about 20 shirts per fabric, except for the tee. I will make about 50 tees. It's not a lot at all, I know. The upside is those who order will have a very limited edition shirt. The downside is you will have to act fast.

Made to measure and made to order will be an option for those who need it.

If you like what you saw, please leave a comment. I would really appreciate the feedback.








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  • Posted by Mauro on April 27, 2016

    @ Tom the print of the fish are all the same size. The entire shirt will have the fish print.

  • Posted by Tom on April 26, 2016

    Is the fish print for the tees the same scale as the fish print for the shirts? Will it be an all over print or an accent like a pocket or panel?

  • Posted by Josh on April 26, 2016

    count me in for a crab shirt! i feel like it’s required being from MD and all….

  • Posted by Nik M Telford on April 26, 2016

    I am so in for one of those crab shirts! The VW bus one is pretty cool too!

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