Military chinos for the win!

Military green clinched the win. It was a close race between our winner and khaki, but in the end military green,won.

The shade of green chosen is a beautiful green, which can easily be worn all year around.

Below is a swatch.

Our "go to" fabric might pick up the dye differently than the swatch. It's normal.

Actually, it's normal that the dyes react to each roll of fabric. That is why, it's very important when you are dying you don't mix rolls when joining a garment.

The last thing you want is an arm piece from roll "A" and a front panel from roll "B". In our case, a left leg from roll "A" and a right leg from roll "B". The shades might be totally different and then you have unsalable product.

A little fun fact, I thought I would share.


Twenty pairs of chinos will go live for pre-sale tomorrow in the Enzo body only. Rewards members look for a newsletter around 3pm.

The retail price of the chino is $125.00.









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