Don't worry be "Felice"

Posted: Jun 26 2017

Introducing "Felice"


Felice is 100% made in Italy. The cotton is rich and has a great hand. The "Felice" is slim through the torso and we have added some extra length to the body. If you are in good shape, this tee is for you.

I am branching out in terms of knits for tees. Don't get me wrong. The bamboo sorona isn't going anywhere but there are times when you need a different texture and feel.

I am really happy with the ELS cotton we have chosen. It's incredibly rich looking but without the sheen of the filo scozia , I have used in the past. We have garment dyed the cotton to give a more muted look, it's pretty kick ass.

If this tee is successful as the Caligula body, I will make  XXS and XS sizes.


Today, starts my birthday sale for rewards members. Enjoy the "Felice" on sale and let me know what you think.

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