Good news for us!

Good news for us!

You don't often find good news when you open the newspaper these days. There's a real ample choice of miseries to pluck from. But every now and then a newspaper article comes along that restores your faith in humanity, that fills you with good cheer, that significantly enhances the visibility of a clothing brand. The Washington Post has published just such a story, about a hungry, young(ish) entrepreneur ready to take the world by storm with high quality clothes at friendly prices. Yes, friends, your old pals at Wolf Vs Goat were featured in WaPo and we are ecstatic.

Now this here blog post isn't just to say "look at us" (though you should look at us, we like the attention). It's because a little bit of good press goes a long way and we saw a real uptick in membership and sales. Hooray! But because these are mostly new customers who've come around we wanted to give a "hello" and "thank you" to anyone who is reading our blog for the first time while wearing the first of their hopefully many new WvG garments. It also gives us a chance to go over some of the basics again, because WvG is a living, breathing beast that does things a little differently than the usual Johnny-cum-clothing-company.

First off, and most important, we concern ourselves with everything to make this brand as good as it can be. Doesn't sound that revolutionary, but trust that when it comes to mass market clothing brands caring about stuff is a sadly rare occurrence. We sweat about the details. Whether it's our cotton, our buttons, or our manufacturing practices, we care about everything and aim to use the best of everything available to us. We also work to reduce our environmental impact. Textile waste is a real problem and only growing as a source of environmental destruction, so we aim to minimize the damage we cause to nature with eco-friendly fabrics, non-polluting dyes, and more. And we care about you! Yes, you. This is a small company that values its customers, for without them we are just a stack of boxes filled with unopened shirts. Customer service is a part of what we do, and if any problems arise we want to fix them and handle any dissatisfaction. Because, well; bad things happen sometimes.

WvG is in the process of growing out of Mauro's garage and into a well-oiled business that uses fancy terms like "synergy" and "accounts receivable." During that process there will be hiccups with things like inventory and shipping. We mess up despite our best efforts not to, and when we do we own it. Despite that we still have more satisfied customers than not, so we're doing something right. The good news about that growth is that we expect to provide you with more options and more service in the very near future. It's all for y'all so we can improve and deliver some top quality clothes to you with seamless ease.

Another thing to keep in mind with WvG is that it's a dynamic enterprise full of experimentation. As we noodle around with variables like new fabrics and construction processes our clothing tends to be unique in form, fit, and function. If something comes out one way and we don't like it, we tend to redo the whole shebang until the vision comes to fruition. What this means for you, though, is that you got to make sure you're looking at our size guides. We lay out extensive details so you aren't surprised by any fits, but it bears repeating that just because you got one shirt from us that fit one way doesn't mean the next one you get will fit the same.

Lastly, when we say "we" it's partly the royal we, but it is also to say that WvG's customers are a part of a greater whole. You like Reddit? Join our subreddit and get details straight from Mauro. Want to meet some clothes nerds? We got a Discord for that, full of fit pics, advice, and a slew of random bullshit. The brand thrives along with its community. It's like having the best parts of a cult without any of the Kool Aid.

So poke around the various places that WvG inhabits. Read this blog from time to time, it can be informative and stupid, sometimes at the same time. And sign up for the newsletter, too. You'll get info about product drops and what's coming up next with us. If you're new to WvG we're glad to have you here and don't forget to renew your WaPo subscription. Maybe share some login details, too? Damn paywalls.

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