Happy 4th of July, America!

Independence day. One of the few American holidays that isn't truly family oriented in my opinion. This is a day where Americans, come together as Americans. We get rip roaring drunk, eat BBQ, and blow up shit. 

These are three things Americans really like to do. I don't drink, but I love to blow shit up and eat BBQ.

This is also a time to express your love for the USA without having to really deal with all the PC bullshit going around. 

In honor of our Independence day, I have put together a little outfit to wear, while pigging out on BBQ and lighting off fireworks. 

 Hand dyed (literally) Ombre button down shirt. Garment dyed Enzo chinos ( crazy soft).

Nico sneakers. Which pair would you wear? If you want to win a free pair and aren't to lazy click on the link and follow the rules https://www.instagram.com/wolfvsgoat/  I am having a contest on instagram only. 

The socks are from happy socks. I am not a huge fan but since I am not making socks I need to buy them from someone else. 

I hope everyone has a safe and happy 4th of July. For all of you guys and gals that live in states that allow you to light off real fireworks, please be safe. Don't drink to much while playing with explosives. Common sense goes a long way.

If you are BBQing something spectacular and are wearing WvG tag me on instagram and I might send you a free shirt or something. 

Have fun and be safe!


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