Update on Sweats, Trousers, U-Necks ....

The sweatshirts and trousers left Italy. This is very good news. I hope they get here later next week. 

U-Necks are going up for pre-order this coming Tuesday, July 12th. The colors will be the same as the pre-order roll necks. I am only making 100 total. I will need 50 to be purchased through pre-order for them to be made.  

The specs of the U-Neck will be posted on the blog and on the website. The fit will be incredibly similar to the v-neck but of course with a wider and deeper neck opening.

You will want to go with your regular WvG tee shirt size.


I have a ton of new made in the USA shirts. I am not having a sale per say but the pricing structure will be very nice for rewards members and non-members alike.

I am taking pictures now. Hopefully, I will have everything ready by Tuesday the 12th.


Here is something nice. I am working on a dedicated timeline page showing products about 6 to 8 months out. This should help everyone in deciding what they want.


Enjoy your weekend!


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