Orders have been shipped

All the orders have been packaged. 98% have been shipped in full. We ran out of shoe boxes for shipping, so we have several orders just waiting on boxes. Those will ship no later than Thursday. I apologize for the delay. The drugs they have me on are keeping me loopy.

My recovery is going better than expected. I really appreciate all the emails and calls wishing me a safe recovery


Good News-

I am ready to start banging out the rest of the products for fall. 

I will pick up the size set samples for all the tees, Thursday. This means that the U-Necks will finally be ready for pre-sale!

Another bit of good news. After 3 years of figuring out how to work together "Global Merino" and (click on the global merino for a nifty short video) I have come to some great terms. In a couple weeks I will have swatches and will start choosing some killer fabrics for tee, henley, and other knits. 

That's it for now. I am going back to bed. 


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