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  • Leather Belts

    Posted February 21 2014

    Most men don’t give belts a lot of thought. You have a black belt and a brown belt (maybe just a double sided belt) and that’s it. While this approach might keep the size of your closet manageable, which is a laudable goal, it stops you from appreciating all the intricacies of a well-crafted belt, and the variety of belts that exist. The most important component of a belt is what type of leather it’s made from. Belt leather can broadly be divided into two categories, corrected grain belts or full-grain leathers. Corrected grain leather is leather that, due to...
  • Overdyeing

    Posted February 19 2014

    Perhaps you've seen a friend's pair of jeans fade from black to blue and wondered what happened. Or maybe you've seen the terms “overdye,” “overdyed,” or “overdyeing” while cruising the interweb for fashion knowledge.  In one way or another, there's a good chance that “overdyeing” or some form of it has made its way into your life but maybe not into your vocabulary. Kind of like the word “perfunctory.” (Note: give this post more than just a perfunctory read) Well today that ends...   Overdyeing is a form of dyeing, a general term for the industrial process of adding color...
  • Grade Six

    Posted February 17 2014

    Browse through online clothing forums today, where tailored clothing enthusiasts congregate, and you’ll find dozens of threads where people argue over which makers produce the best suits. In fact, in one StyleForum thread, there’s a working hierarchical list that aims to organize producers according to tiers. One user suggests that Kiton be placed under the “Excellent” category, while Canali is just “Good” and Brooks Brothers is simply “Satisfactory.” A couple of posts later, one happy Canali customer bravely bumps up the Canali ranking to “Very Good,” and no one seems to object. The problem with these rankings is that they...
  • What's a Jacquard?

    Posted February 11 2014

    If the world can thank GQ and #menswear for anything, it might be the return of bold prints to the clothing mainstream. Where five years ago you’d find nothing but an array of white, blue – and if daring – pink medium weight oxford cloths, now you can see exotic patterns gracing shirts everywhere. Even business casual mavens aren’t afraid to throw on an indigo dot or sailboat print button down. When buying these shirts, though, it’s important to bear in mind that not all patterned shirts are created equal: there are shirts made from fabrics produced by Jacquard weaving...
  • Clothes Are Not Commodities

    Posted February 09 2014

    A common misconception today is that clothes are just commodities. That is, if you find two similarly styled shirts – blue, striped, and spread collared – then they’re substitutable and differ only in price. This is an understandable attitude when you consider how few men today understand how clothes are made, or are able to meet the men and women who produce what they wear. Contrast this to the early 20th century, when men had clothes custom made for them by their tailors, and had to be conversant in a certain language. Of course, clothes are not just commodities. Take...
  • Whole garment knitting

    Posted January 30 2014

    It’s both easy and difficult to determine the quality of a sweater. It’s easy in the sense that there aren’t many variables to consider, at least in comparison to suit jackets and sport coats. A well made sweater will be densely knitted, which will require more material, but also allow the garment to hold its shape better. The yarns will also be made from longer fibers, which will give it fewer “weak points” (microscopic to the eye), and thus result in less pilling. Unfortunately, it’s difficult to tell whether a sweater is made from a good yarn by simply looking...
  • A Tale of Love & Loss

    Posted January 25 2013

    This past week we have been showing at Capsule for Men's Market and our Fall '13 collection has been quite popular. So popular in fact that one of our cornerstone pieces was stolen from our booth. Our black cable knit sweater jacket was, well, jacked.     In a way it's flattering that someone would forgo being a decent human being and wait until it hits retail to pick one up. That it is such a "have to have it now" piece that they had to have it now. But seriously, what kind of individual steals from a company that...
  • Last Day of the Black Friday Sale!

    Posted November 25 2012

     It's the last day of the Black Friday Sale and there are some choice picks left for the upcoming holiday party barrage you surely will be hit with! The Pine Green cashmere sweater paired with Lavender striped button down (available in either Before or After Dinner) and Golden Gray Bloodline trousers is a killer holiday kit.     originally $425, now $212.50  originally $185 now $92.50 originally $400, now $200 The Black and Tan button down with Brown and Cream Bloodline trousers will standout in a crowd thanks to subtlety mixing patterns but the subdued tones avoid peacocking. originally $175,...
  • Got Wood?

    Posted September 17 2012

    There are too many black case-less iPhone 4S' floating around so finding a way to distinguish one phone from another without adding a bulky case and not compromise the aesthetics of our phones was assumed to be a challenge. Luckily, Monolith makes incredible replacement backs for iPhone 4's and 4S'.  The installation takes all of a couple minutes and the end result is about as perfect as any person could want a polished wood panel for a mobile device to be. Plus the case doubles as storage for your current glass back panel; just in case you need to take...
  • Green Soccer Journal Issue no.4

    Posted September 14 2012

        (Im)Patiently waiting for issue four of Green Soccer Journal to arrive in the mail is the current state of affairs this afternoon. For those who aren't familiar, this magazine marries editorials on style and soccer. What more could anyone want? If you are like us and accosting your Postal Service worker during his or her route, let this video, starting Phil Daniels from "Quadrophenia" as a frustrated soccer manager, satiate you until your copy arrives.  
  • Cloud Atlas

    Posted September 13 2012

    David Mitchell's Cloud Atlas is one of the best books we've read in recent memory. Hearing that the story was being adapted for film and the Wachowskis were saddled with directing duties developed excitement and a bit of nervousness as to how the subject material would be treated. After seeing the extended trailer, those uncertain feelings are no longer there. The six minutes spent watching is certainly worth it.  
  • Pimms Autumn Cup

    Posted September 11 2012

    (photo courtesy of: Alcademics) Everyone should be well aware by now that the Wolf vs Goat staple cocktail is Pimm's Cup. Using Pimm's No 3., it is arguably the perfect summer beverage. Now that the seasons are starting to change for us here, it's time to think about changing up our drink selection. Thankfully for us there is Pimm's Winter, a Brandy-based alternative to the Gin-based No 3. which makes an amazing Pimm's Autumn Cup. Check out the recipe below: 1 parts Pimm’s Winter 3 parts Local Apple Juice a bit of Star anise Cinnamon Stick Slice of green apple...
  • Morning Reminder: The Wolf vs Goat Thrid Annual Pig Roast

    Posted September 11 2012

    It's feeling like fall in the DMV and you can finally start pulling out some cool layering pieces you've been itching to wear. The feeling of fall is also a clear signal around here that the Wolf vs Goat Third Annual Pig Roast is right around the corner. If you haven't been made aware of this event yet: on September 29th, there will be a roasted pig and goat over a spit, Wolf vs Goat themed games and tremendously good company. Head over to our Facebook event page for more details and RSVP information. This is the essential way to welcome in...
  • WvG on today's 'Shop Talk'

    Posted April 17 2012

        Valet Magazine was gracious enough to feature us today in their Shop Talk section. Check it out here!
  • Trending America

    Posted April 15 2012

    The idea of heritage and dedication to "made in the USA" has been a trend in menswear for the past couple of years. While it's certainly a positive goal to attain, the ideal for many isn't just a marketing tool but rather a way of life.  We were sent this cool music video that brings visual weight to a part of our work force that doesn't think about "how we can capitalize on a pro-America trend" but rather living life the only way they know how. Don't do something because it's on trend. Do something because you really wouldn't, couldn't...
  • Fabric Nerds

    Posted April 15 2012

    Anyone who is passionate about something can be considered a nerd for whatever it is they are passionate about. With that said, we proudly declare ourselves fabric nerds. There's no better place to "nerd-out" over fabric than at The Design Center at Philadelphia University.  The center houses over 200,000 items related to textiles and fashion and is the nation's oldest textile school. It's a joy to see the timelessness in staple wovens such as these. The center is a great place for anybody to catch a bit of inspiration, not just designers. Feel free to check out more of their...
  • Explosions

    Posted April 15 2012

    It's always a bright light on a overcast, gray day when news of another Explosions In The Sky tour reaches our ears. Their newest album, Take Care, Take Care, Take Care is complicated, beautiful and as of late been playing track to track during the day. The tour announcement is only has a few dates and it is missing the DMV completely right now but we are not losing hope. In the meantime, let their video for the song "Be Comfortable, Creature" satiate your ears for at least a little bit.
  • A WvG First

    Posted April 15 2012

    Today marks the introduction of our first run of sweaters: the Hooligan, a cotton-cashmere crew neck and the Skipper, a 100% cotton v-neck. Both are constructed through a process called complete garment knitting. Complete garment knitting is a high tech version of fully-fashioned knitting in which the entire garment is constructed one step at a time. In traditional methods of knitting a garment, such as a sweater, sleeves, bodies, and cuffs are made separately. They are then assembled into the finished product, sometimes in different factories.  Wolf vs Goat favors complete garment knitting for multiple reasons. The lack of seams increases comfort...
  • A Tote Apart

    Posted April 15 2012

    Imagine this: Your favorite menswear brand offers you an opportunity to save on every purchase you make through them: a substantial percentage off the retail price as well as a percentage off of sale items. It seems every bit as likely as that Nigerian Prince that always emails you but the truth is Wolf vs. Goat has a program to do just that. It’s our tote program. The program works as simply as this: if you buy a tote, you are entitled to the benefits that come from being a tote holder. First, being a tote holder grants you 30%...
  • It's On

    Posted April 15 2012

    The code: WINTERFLASH nets you 40% off through Wednesday. If you didn't know, now you do.  Here are our picks for what you should not let slip by: Hunting Jacket in either Indigo or Charcoal This is perfect transition jacket into Spring. It's a great weight to keep the chill off and yet at the same time not too heavy to have you over heating by midday. Both colors are also versatile and will easily play back to our color palette for Spring.  Plaid Shirt in Brown and Green plaid and Tan and Black plaid Both shirts are amazing to wear....
  • Hey Ladies

    Posted April 15 2012

    Today on Refinery29 Mauro dispensed some advice for the ladies of DC. Some other guys did too but really you guys should listen to Mauro first.  They did save the best for last.
  • Flash Sale!

    Posted April 14 2012

    It's the end of winter. Spring is coming around the bend (and if you live in the mid-Atlantic, tomorrow specifically), so we think a flash sale is in order. Starting at 12a Tuesday Januray 31 and ending at 11:59 on Wednesday February 1, you have the chance at 40% off all non-sale items with the code WINTERFLASH. This is your chance to get something you missed out on such as: The blue and green super 120's plaid </> Or The green and red holiday plaid. </> Truth be told both of these shirts will transition nicely into the spring season....
  • You Should Eat Here

    Posted April 14 2012

    If there is one place in the city where you are sure to find us on a regular basis, it would have to be the Queen Vic on H Street. Owner and prorietor, Ryan Gordon and head chef Ian Reeves, have developed a wonderful menu of classic English dishes with a twist. Nothing beats a Pimms Cup on their deck in the Spring and Summer but during the cold season a pint and an order of sticky toffee pudding is just as nice. You can find them at: 1206 H St NE  Washington, DC 20002 (202) 396-2001 and
  • The Root Of It All

    Posted April 14 2012

    Unless you've been living under a rock, you have noticed that a great spirit made in Pennsylvania is gaining a lot of popularity. Art in the Age's  'ROOT' is an amazing beverage that tastes just like root beer because it uses the exact same recipe that was originally used to make Root Tea back in the 1800's (with the exception of sassafras root witch was banned by the FDA 50 years ago - haters). What's even better is that ROOT is 100% certified organic. Seriously there's nothing you can't love about this. Since this it is happy hour we though we...
  • The Ass

    Posted April 14 2012

    In case one hadn't noticed, everyone here is big into music. Nick Cave is one of the many favorites spanning from his time with The Birthday Party and onto The Bad Seeds. Some of his best work, though, is found through his work as an author.  And The Ass Saw The Angel is a perennial favorite and a constant reread that blends Cave's dark story telling sensibilities (who doesn't love Tupleo?) into a Southern Gothic setting that forces you into a wild, dark, and gruesome narrative.  This is a great video of Cave circa '92, reading an excerpt from the novel: You should really add this...
  • Pop a cap in your glass.

    Posted April 14 2012

    We love having small gatherings. When we couple that simple truth with a desire to add a little humor in the things that we do, it becomes easy to see how this handgun ice tray from Fred and Friends caught our attention.   The level of detail in each cube is wonderful, notably the inclusion of beveling on the slide grip and the raised screws on the handle. The tray even carries a gangster feel with it being shaped like a briefcase. The packaging is just as considered as the product itself (the tagline is still smile inducing) which sparked...
  • Songs For The Road

    Posted April 14 2012

    We are headed to NY today to show our Fall '12 collection to buyers so we'd thought it's be fun to put together a mix of the sounds that we will be enjoying on our way up. Who knows maybe this will be a thing. Click the album art or here to download the mix. track list: The Cramps - Human Fly  TV On the Radio - Wolf Like Me Cro-Mags - Hard Times The Replacements - Black Diamond Danzig - Soul On Fire Nas - Life's A Bitch Doug Hream Blunt - Gentile Persuasion Sheer Terror - Just Can't...
  • Wolf Built Bikes (No Relation)

    Posted April 14 2012

    Yesterday we mentioned Redeem in DC because they are one of our favorite boutiques who happen to carry Wolf Vs Goat. Wolves are pack animals and inside of Redeem's four walls there's another wolf running with us. This beautiful bike is built by hand by designer Brad Wolf under the moniker Wolf Built. Each bike is built to the rider's specs so the combinations are endless. The overall look fits well within our preferred aesthetic and it's hard for us to not think about getting our own bikes made with Spring and Summer coming around the corner. You can contact...
  • What's Wrong With Being A Garanimal?

    Posted April 14 2012

    Our new hunting jacket with coordinating sweat knickers are a match made in heaven. If you try to tell any of us here there is something wrong with this fit, you will get the stink eye. It's a great look for those milder winter days that we have had here in the DMV. Both are constructed from our lovely named fabric (check your care tags if you want to know its name). If you are going to be a Garanimal (a typically pajoritive term for an adult who dresses too "matchy - matchy"), keep the rest of the fit consistent,...
  • Banned In D.C.

    Posted April 14 2012

      If there is one common sonic thread that connects us here, it is our shared love for Bad Brains. They represented then and still to this day, the same mentality and values that's drive us everyday. We love their catalog of songs but this in particular is a great video for a great song so we thought it'd be great to share our appreciation of them with you. Here's to doing your own thing no matter who or how many tell you otherwise.
  • The White Wave

    Posted April 13 2012

    We love Hollywood weekend blockbusters as much as anyone else around. We really get into good film though and the Gansel’s “The Wave” is a great example of that. Based on the novel by Todd Strasser the story center’s around the idea of the ease of establishing autocratic control within the confines of a High School classroom that ultimately spills out beyond those walls. It gets pretty heavy and definitely gives the viewer a lot to think about. Highly recommended. One of the ways teacher Rainer Wenger (played by Jurgen Vogel) establishes control is by instructing a uniform of a white button-down...

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