Update on shirts and sweats and going forward.

First, I want to apologize for the delay. I can't even make an excuse for myself or the factories.

The overdyes and other summer shirts left Italy three weeks weeks ago. They have been sitting in customs for who knows what.

I have been on the phone fedex and they won't give me a straight answer.


I don't want to leave Italy because the craftsmanship and quality are to good. However, I am torn because the timeline is outrageous. There is always a delay.

It's either customs or the Italians having another holiday.

I am doing my best to reel things is as much as I can. I don't live in Italy and the Italians know this.

This is why you don't see a lot of "Made in Italy" around. Mainly, made in Italy is done by Italian brands because they can have someone parked out front making sure things get done as they promised.

If your order isn't HUGE then 99% of all Italian companies could careless. It's pretty amazing considering they really want to expand their business to other countries but are unwilling to budge on their work ethics.

The sweats are stuck in Italy as well, despite them saying they were shipped. They promise to have them finished next week. 

They are nervous because they don't want to lose the business but at the same time want to make sure things are correct.

 Just to make this clear, a ToJ situation should be the furthest thing from everyone's mind. It's just the Italian mind set. Coupled with customs the delays are inevitable. I think it's safe to say two to three months is fair for delivery dates. 

Once everyone understands this expectations will be met.

One more major culprit is delays are the MTO people and the people who want to change their orders half way through the production cycle. This holds up production big time.

If you don't understand how to figure out your size or you need help, call me. It's better to get the information straight from the source instead of getting misinformation from reddit or style forum.

Anyone of my clients can pick up the phone and call me. If you want a different collar or have a fit question. I am here to help.

On the flip side. I have found some excellent factories with the proper machines and staff that's more than able to do knitwear for me, here in the U.S.. Knitwear meaning tees,sweatshirts, sweatpants, etc...

This is the case with the new batch of bamboo sorona tees. I can drive to the factory weekly and follow up. The factory is state of the art and does printing as well as cut in sew. This cuts down costs.

Some people were asking why the price lowered on the tees. It's simple shipping. I don't have to ship fabric from one coast to the other coast and then ship it back.

Shipping is a huge problem. The less shipping the better. It sucks when 30% of your cost is shipping and tax.


The bottom line is I apologize for the delays. The product really is the best for it's price and beyond.

We will get over these hurdles. Sourcing new factories, language barriers, and new relationships all take time to get adjusted so that the machine can run smoothly.

I appreciate all the support and will ship you everything as soon as it arrives.

In the meantime if you really need help to hesitate to call me.







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