Update on Bamboo Sorona

I couldn't ask for a better start to a Friday. I spoke with the mill who knits my Bamboo Sorona fabric.

Two things.

First, I have 500 yards of my classic bamboo sorona being knit today. That's at least 500 tees worth of fabric.

Second, we have decided to make a heavier knit for fall. It will be a little thicker than my normal heavy weight. This knit won't be as drappy because of the extra weight but it will make a damn good tee. It will be soft and amazing, like always, but the added girth will make it a perfect stand alone or layering piece. 

Because, the knitting machines aren't running, I am first up. The mill is saying it will take about 3 weeks. This means with delays and shipping 4.5 weeks. It will take a month to sew for the classic. This hits that 8 week period for delivery. 

What does this mean for you?  

1. We need to choose colors.

2. We need decide on how many colors.

2. Pre-Order.

Here is a little more good news the Tees will come in at $40.00 retail. While most brands are raising the prices, Wolf vs Goat is trying to lower theirs.

We want to give you the best quality product on the market while making your wallet happy,too.


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