Wool , wool, and kickass blends

The first group of swatches I ordered from Global Merino are here. I am thrilled with how they look and feel.

I picked out three different fabrics. Each fabric group is unique with really kick ass qualities.

The first group is a single jersey 100% merino wool. The weight is 165grams and has an 18.9 micron count.

All three fabrics are marled and will easy be able to find a spot in your closet.

The first color is a marled wine. The photo isn't accurate. The red seen in the picture below is a darker wine color. It's a beautiful color.  The second color is a marled green. It's pretty dope. I am making one for myself for sure!


The last marled swatch is a chocolate brown. I normally don't gravitate towards brown but the marled highs and lows make this a winter must have. 

The retail price for these tees will be around $65.00. 

Our next fabric is very very cool.  It's comprised of 55% merino wool and 45 % Celliant. The fabric weight is 215 grams and is 18.9 Microns.

Celliant is a  synthetic polymer bi-component fiber made from polyethylene terephthalate Celliant have been shown to increase oxygenation in body tissue and demonstrated to reduce minor aches and pains. The fiber is used in a lot of sporting wear and bedding. 

Here is a link to Celliant.com if you are interested in learning more about this particular fiber and all the cool stuff it does.

Black is very hard to take picture of but I think you get the idea. The knit is a singles jersey. It's a very basic weave and will be made into a long sleeve crew neck. Retail will be around $55.00.  

Our last fabric is amazing. It's 50% merino wool and 50% Primaloft.  The fabric weight is  155grams and has a 18.9 micron count. Primaloft is badass. It marry's well with wool. Here is a link to prima lofts website if you would like to lean more about what primaloft really does.

The colors are black and aluminum. The swatch is of aluminum. 

This knit is incredibly soft. It's not quite Tencel/Modal soft but it's pretty damn close. Retail for a long sleeve crew neck will be around $60.00. 

The pre-sale for these tees will start next week with the beanies. We are looking at 6 weeks to produce once the fabric is delivered.The tees will be made in the USA. 







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