Here Comes the Sun...


For much of the country, the winter was long and hard. But things are finally starting to look up. The sun is shining, temperatures are above freezing on a regular basis, co-workers' moods may have significantly improved, and summer is all too near. Who knows, you may even be changing along with these other welcome changes. Perhaps you are even feeling a bit more whimsical and carefree.

However, for many of us, between the hours of 9-5, we have to hide our newly whimsical and carefree selves in workplaces that don't quiet appreciate our enthusiasm for life.

But don't despair. This week we've got some tips for you if you want to color outside of the lines without drawing any unwanted attention and today we'll highlight one of my favorite ways to rebel against the man.

Happy Feet

Back when I was an Excel jockey by day and PowerPoint monkey by night, whenever I felt like just another cog in the system, I would lift up my pant legs and check out my socks. Yup, my socks. And though it wouldn't change what time I was getting home that night or how much my job sucked, it breathed some life into me, if even only for an hour or two. Why?

Because my socks were everything that I wasn't at the time - unique - and they were as far as I was allowed to rebel against the powers that held me captive. So, my feet became my sanctuary, my happy place. And my socks became my artwork.

And while I didn't become an “art snob,” my socks had to have some key, basic elements:

- a full, internal cuff rib to prevent me from having to bend down and pull my socks up all day long
- at a minimum, a double twist cotton yarn for added durability and luxuriousness
- the contoured heel to reduce that pesky slippage

But aside from these relatively basic requirements, anything went and the crazier the pattern, the better, and I built quite the collection of “art.”

Big dots, small dots, stripes of all colors and widths, squares, animals, and....the pair that caused me to slow my roll...camo patterned socks. Yup, camo patterned socks.

And sure, that my seem like a crazy bunch of socks that you'd never buy, but I did love and still do love my collection and that's all that matters. In fact, that's kinda the point. Your socks are one of the few pieces of clothing that can be all about you and all for you. They can remind you that despite what it may seem, there is a unique individual underneath your otherwise uncontroversial uniformish type attire. And so even though your job might suck, you don't, and your socks don't need to either.


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