Close To The Chest


It's rare in life when you just can't go wrong, but in our second installment of our “coloring outside of the lines,” series, we're going to talk about something that you really can't mess up: pocket squares.

If you ever been in a rush to get out the door, in your “same old, same old” (which, don't get me wrong, could still be pretty awesome), and without much time to think about how to add that perfect cherry to the top of your outfit, then you might already be familiar with the pocket square. And if you've been in that situation and aren't familiar with the pocket square, can thank us later.


Because the pocket square rocks and it can add that much needed pizazz on an oh so normal day. It's one of the few, special items in fashion that never go “out of fashion” and something that really can't go wrong with. But, there are just so many ways that you can go right with them.

First things first, to be clear, a pocket square is not intended for one's pocket or to act as a glorified napkin or tissue or even to substitute for a handkerchief. Instead, a pocket square is intended to serve as a purely decorative accessory that is most often folded and placed in the front, exterior chest pocket of a suit jacket or blazer and contrary to popular opinion, it is not necessarily made of silk.  

In fact, pocket squares can be made of fabrics and with a wide variety of colors and patterns. There are heavy weight, “winter weather” pocket squares, chambray pocket squares, cotton, linen, silk, and seersucker pocket squares. And they come striped, dotted, in gingham, with checks, in plaid, madras fabric and so many more other varieties.

Given all of these options, how do you choose what pocket square to wear to what occasion?

Well, there are no rules. So you choose any way you want to choose. They can match the color of your shirt, or they can't. They can accentuate your tie, or they can have nothing to do with your ties. Your call. The rules of pocket square matching no longer exist. The only rule now is: let your freak flag fly and have fun with it. You can't go too far astray, but you can add a dimension to your wardrobe that both comforts and excites you and shows others that your all business, all the time, but on your terms. Plus, if you fall out of love with your pocket square mid day, stick it in your pocket. Who knows when you'll need to hock a loogie.


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