Lazy Sundays

I don't know about you, but sometimes, I just want to lounge around
the house and not do shit. Play with the dogs, watch some movies, and
maybe cook a little something to eat.

Normally, on those days, something like the outfit I put together
below would be my uniform.

I know a few of you might be surprised that I don't have a bamboo
sorona tee shown in the outfit above.  That's because 6 days out of the week I am already wearing a bamboo sorona

tee as a base layer. Sometimes, a good ol' solid cotton tee does the job.

I have also had this particular tee for about 30 years, give or take a
year. Honestly, I can't remember if I picked it up at a show in D.C.
around 1985/1986 or if I bought it at "Smash" in Georgetown.  As an old straight edge kid, it's a great keep sake. It's also in great shape.

I have a few more concert tees that didn't hold up as well but look
kinda cool all beat up. Most notably a "Minor Threat" tee which is a
couple years older than a Cro-mags tee I scored in '87.

The hoodie was a prototype. Slim but not too skinny. I love my hoodies and
sweatshirts. I make clothes that last. My sweats are no exception to
that rule. The sweats are built like tanks. WvG is one of the few
sweatshirt makers that really pays attention to proper sewing.

The slippers were a gift. There made by "Acorn" for around $50.00. I wear
my slippers to the post office sometimes. I drive in them. I wish they
weren't made in China, but since they were a gift, and I don't make
slippers, I am not going to bitch.

The sweat knickers, an old WvG favorite, which I haven't made in awhile
are simply a must. Sweat knickers are the future.  Incredibly
versatile and mad comfy. I made these particular ones in full length
as well as the knickers. GQ online wrote a little piece on the lounge pant.

My glasses are "Carrera". I could do better in the optic area. I have
kick ass vision insurance so next year I will get new frames that are
more me. I used to throw my glasses a lot when I got pissed playing
"Call of Duty" or "COD" so I never wanted to invest in a really nice pair
because I knew I would just end up smashing them.

I need glasses for driving, watching movies, and gaming. I might pick
up another pair just to wear. The right glasses can really pop off in an

I don't play COD anymore. Surprisingly enough my blood pressure and
overall health has improved.

Undies aren't shown, but they were bamboo sorona boxer briefs in black.
That's my lazy day outfit.





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