Outfit #3 and seersucker

With Easter around the corner, I thought this outfit would be most appropriate. I would rather wear this outfit in the Spring than the summer. The weather is more suitable for me. Come July, I want to be in a bathing suit or shorts, that's it.

Luckily, I have that liberty. A lot of people don't. I live in the Washington, DC area. It can get down right nasty in the summer. DC is a suit and tie town for the most part. Staying cool ( literally) can be a task.

Below, is one way to try to beat the heat while still looking sharp.


Seersucker. Light weight and breathable. A Spring/Summer classic with a good history. This particular jacket is hand sewn, full canvas, 1/8th lined. My reasoning is simple. I want the jacket to breath. 1/2 lined or fully lined jackets with seersucker do not make any sense to me.

WvG socks in gray. Made in Italy by one of the best sock makers, period. The sock don't lose their shape and are incredibly comfortable.

Big Bubba sneakers in navy blue. I would have shown a loafer but I don't wear loafers. I don't own a pair of loafers. I probably should but frankly, I don't care.

The tie is a blue black silk with white dots. It was made entirely by hand in Italy and has six folds.

The pants are a tropical wool. Very light weight, great fit, and play back to the outfit just right, in my opinion.

The shirt is one of my battle horses. "Battle horse" is a term the Italians use when they want to show you their "best" product. When I visit a factory in Italy, I always ask them "show me your battle horse".

I will do a separate blog post on this shirt.

The shirt fabric is made by Alumo it's a 140's 2 ply. The shirt has a hand sewn collar, hand sewn sleeve heads, and hand sewn cuffs.

It also boasts hand sewn gussets, hand sewn jacket sleeves, and special stomach area that can't be shown in this picture.

Next blog post will be on my "battle horse" shirt. 





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