Spring/Summer over dyes 2016

You will be receiving a few different newsletters in the next couple of weeks, and these newsletter will get us back up to speed. This way we both are covered all the way up until Spring 2017.


Today's newsletter is for Spring/Summer overdyes. I have chosen a killer poplin from Contonifico Albini.


Contonifico Albini is a fifth generation family business. The mill excels in producing some of the finest cloth in the world.


The poplin will be perfect for year-round wear not just Spring/Summer. It's incredibly soft and much stronger than oxford.  The fabric is prepared for dye which will help guarantee rich, bold, and stunning colors that otherwise couldn't be achieved by using a regular white poplin or oxford.


See the poll below to see what colors you would like made. Please only choose the colors you would actually purchase. This helps me figure out how many shirts actually will be made. A black to light gray ombrè is going to be produced and is not shown below. The poll will end Monday, April 11, 2016.


The overdyes are $130.00 before the rewards member discount and will come with "jacket sleeves".


The next poll will be on Tuesday, April 12, 2016, will be for tee shirts and sweats (overdyed).


* Please note 15 to 20 shirts per color must be secured in order to be made. I will produce the top 4 colors plus the black/gray ombrè.


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