Overdye Votes Are In

Posted: Apr 10 2016

You voted. Now I will make it.

Here are your 2016 Spring/Summer colors.

With 60 votes: Sky Blue Ombrè.

With 40 votes: Slate Blue.

With 34 votes: Faded Gray.

With 31 votes: Periwinkle.

There was a two-way tie for 5th place: Coral and White. Each color had 28 votes; well beyond the minimum needed to go into production. I will go ahead and put them in the newsletter for pre-order on Tuesday.

The Black to Gray Ombrè is being made regardless, as promised.


I will make a few extra shirts of each color for new customers and the people who are on-the-fence. Pre-orders go live Tuesday, April 12 at 3pm for Rewards Members only.


Thank you for your participation!








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