S/S 2016 Sweatshirt/Sweatpant Poll

We think we found our groove...

Rewards Member sourcing seems like the way to go. WvG is dedicated to making the best possible product while giving you the best possible price, so using polls helps us understand what you are really interested in.

Making some sick ass overdyed sweats seems like the right thing to do. Time for another poll. If you dig 'em... then let us know, so we can hit the magic number.

Balboa body for reference.


Lounge pant 2.0 for reference.


For this project are using the Balboa style, with the body one inch longer. The fit will be basically the same but it will feel more relaxed because of the fabric difference. The Balboa will retail for $125.00.

The sweatpant (sweat trouser) will be in the Lounge Pant 2.0 style. This body style seems to make everyone happy. The lounge pant has slash pockets, a zipper fly, matching rib, and double welt pockets with button closure in the back. The sizing will be by waist size. The Lounge Pant 2.0 will retail for $125.00

Take the poll here

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