Summer Chinos and Linen Trousers

Rewards members expect a newsletter tomorrow so that you may pre-order the linen trousers and chinos.

The linen trouser will be offered in the Enzo ( slim) and Predator ( regular but not full) bodies. The trousers will be made in Italy to the highest of standards. The cloth itself is a beautiful blend of linen and Viscose with a little stretch for added comfort. Retail will be $150.00.

We will also be making some fresco lana trousers ( light weight wool) in a navy an a rich shade of blue. Retail $130.00.

The picture below is for reference on how all the trousers will look.

We will need to make at least 30 pair of trousers per body per fabric.

If the numbers aren't met we will not make that particular article.

The chino will be made out of the same fabric I always use. It's just to damn soft not to use and it's a perfect all year around fabric. 

We bought the last of the stock the mill had, which wasn't much. We are only making 20 pair. The problem is what color should we make them?

There will be a poll in tomorrow's newsletter. Rewards members you may vote and the winning color will be made. Retail $125.00.

One more thing, Made in the USA shirts go live tomorrow at 3pm.





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