Tee shirt fabrics for limited edition tees

Sourcing fabric is a highlight of being a designer, at least for me. Trying to find interesting fabrics, that not only look great but have a practical application is always a bonus.

I think, that's a lot of the reason people love my bamboo sorona tees. The fabric is comfortable as well as being antimicrobial. It wicks amazingly well and holds it shape. 

That's a recipe for a successful product.

Unfortunately, I can't get my hands on bamboo sorona for Spring/Summer '16. It's sucks, right? Wrong. Not having access to my go to cloth has lead me on a mission to find new and exciting fabrics and I scored big time.

Here, are four new fabrics, that I found, which will make some killer tees or Henley's. 

First is the "Avocetta". It's probably one of my favorite new knits. It has very unique texture and feel. It's 45% cotton and 51% linen.  It's light weight, it's breathable, and it will keep you cool. The knit is bonded which makes it even cooler.

Because of the unique texture, I feel this fabric is best suited as a Henley.

Here is a closer look.

 The next fabric also breathes well and pulls moisture away from your body. The fabrics name is "Verbena". It's 77% linen and 23% silk. It has an amazing drape is a crazy soft.

"Verbena" has a unique slubbiness to it. It's a little sheer but once it's garment dyed it's transparency won't be an issue. 

I am torn on whether to make this fine ass knit into a tee or a Henley.

Here is a close up shot...


As you can see, it's a little see through. Not bad at all but when it's 90+ outside you will thank this fabric. Like, I said earlier the garment dyeing process will thicken the fabric up so no need to worry about it being to sheer.

The third fabric is very similar to "Avocet". It's called "Opossum". It's thicker version of "Avocet". It weighs 250 grams and it's make up is 95% Linen and 5% stretch. The finish on this fabric is stupid. It's crazy soft. Considering it's 95% linen, the feel good factor is a 10.

I will make this into crew and V's. Choosing colors will be the hard part.

 Here is the close up..

It's got a nice slubbiness and it will pick up the dye incredibly well. I am excited to use this knit.

Finally,we have "Fenice". It's what our slutty little "U-Neck" will be made of. I have just a few meters of this fabric. It's 77% Modal and 23% silk. After doing the math it was the best fabric for the job. It has a superior drape and it doesn't cost 55.00 euro a meter. 

The hand is similar to the bamboo sorona. Once, I give it a dye job and some enzymes, this cloth will be beyond soft. 

 The close up...

Fenice is in terms of construction is the simplest. It's a regular jersey stitch but sometimes simple is the best way to go.

There you have it. Four, kickass fabrics that will turn heads in the summer. Rewards members, the tees will be up for pre-order next week. Be ready. I have limited meters of each fabric. Some tees won't go beyond twenty units. 




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