Another sale is coming soon and a timeline update.

I don't know if it's me or the system, but my inventory is whack! I am currently going item by item recounting and entering the correct number into the system. 

I am also taking new pictures of certain items that a lot of you have never seen before.

Once this is taken care of, I will start the sale. A lot of items are actually transition pieces and fall. 

After the sale is over, I will put up the production schedule for the next six months. This gives my rewards members time to think about what they want and don't want.

I will tell you this. I am doing several kick ass tee and henley fabrics. I will be using wool and wool blends along with the usual suspects, Bamboo, tencel, and the like.

I also have put an over dye system in place. This allows me to meet my minimums and allows you the client to not have to wait as long for pre-orders. It wasn't easy to do but I did it.


I know delays have been happening and I working hard on preventing production delays. I don't want any 4 to 6 month waits like Gustin. 

I would also like to reiterate even if there is a delay a ToJ scenario will never happen. That situation was beyond fucked and I am surprised vigilantly justice has yet to be served.

Then again, I come from a different school than most.

Summer shirts have finally started production. The sheer number of rewards customer changing their orders and addresses were the main hang up. I have also put a system into place for the wishy washy crowd.

Going forward once the order is submitted it is FINAL. If you are on the fence you may do one of two things. 

1. Pass

2. Go MTM. MTM is made on a different sewing line than stock and MTO. The cost difference is very little. If you choose MTM you will now have more options and not slow down delivery dates.

That's all for now.


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