Heads up

I am just wanted to write a quick blurb, to give a heads up.

The popcorn beanies have shipped. I should receive them this Friday or at the latest, Monday the 24th.

The first batch of pre-order shirts are in customs. I will receive them, Monday the 24th.

The chino's are leaving Italy this week.

The pre-order bamboo sorona tees are finishing dye. I except to start shipping next Friday.

The wool and wool blends are at the factory. Shrink tests are underway so that pattern adjustments can be made. The fabrics, in my opinion, are better than I expected. You will be spoiled.

Lounge pants are underway!!! I am looking forward to receiving these, finally. 

I have more overdyes releasing next week or so.  I am still working on colors. 


I have one "Blue bengal stripe" wide-spread shirt left in size, small. Will someone please be a nice guy and snag that thing up. It needs a home. 

A big thanks to everyone who filled out the survey. Your support and help is greatly appreciated.


Have a great day!



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