Today's rewards member newsletter is cancelled


I wanted to make a video for today's newsletter but we couldn't get everything finished, so we are postponing the "flannel" release until Thursday. If you were on the fence about a flannel, please read the rest of the update. I am sure it will help you decide.

I have been reading a couple different forums and wanted to address some questions and concerns people have had about WvG.


If you are a rewards member. You may choose any collar you would like. The default for these flannels are "Button-down" colors. "Button-down" collars make the most sense to me.

If you want a club, spread, point, curved point, wide spread , etc... you may have it. I would appreciate the point length and spread in inches so that you are happy. Now, you don't have to ask what the collar types are because you can get whatever your little heart desires.

Please note, ALL made to order pieces are FINAL SALE. This also applies to Made to Measure. Obviously, if there is an error on our end we will fix it. However, we do that regardless.


Production times.

This is the one number issue everyone has, including me. ALL fall/winter shirts will be ready before Christmas.

The Spring/Summer shirts have already left Italy.

If you ordered an over-dye, you will have plenty of time to wear them before I start Spring orders in December. The over dyes were for fall and will be coming in November. 


The  items. 

Chinos are shipping this week, I would like to believe. I have made other colors besides the pre-order colors. The chinos will be available in "Enzo" only.

Lounge pants. This will be ready before Turkey Day, I am praying. Those too, will come in other colors besides pre-order colors.

Tees. The made in America, bamboo Sorona tees are in dye. Those will be ready shortly.

The Japanese fabrics have arrived to the factory. Those don't need dyed so the lead times will be short.

My factory in the states has set aside time for me every month. The factory is capable of  making WvG 400 tees a month. This includes henley's. Every month for the next 3 months, the factory will crank out all the tees. 

Dying the major factor is delays. I would like to get more specific about dye in the video we are making. I know it seems very simple but garment dying is everything but simple.

The Italian tees are finally going through the last stages. I, sincerely apologize for the delay. It's been beyond difficult to work with this particular factory. I have all the samples and the sewing is beyond this world. The fit is dead on. As a matter of I will be wearing one of the tees in my video. You will love it.

See you on Thursday. 


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