What's Wrong With Being A Garanimal?

Our new hunting jacket with coordinating sweat knickers are a match made in heaven. If you try to tell any of us here there is something wrong with this fit, you will get the stink eye. It's a great look for those milder winter days that we have had here in the DMV. Both are constructed from our lovely named fabric (check your care tags if you want to know its name). If you are going to be a Garanimal...

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Banned In D.C.

  If there is one common sonic thread that connects us here, it is our shared love for Bad Brains. They represented then and still to this day, the same mentality and values that's drive us everyday. We love their catalog of songs but this in particular is a great video for a great song so we thought it'd be great to share our appreciation of them with you. Here's to doing your own thing no matter who or how...

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The White Wave

We love Hollywood weekend blockbusters as much as anyone else around. We really get into good film though and the Gansel’s “The Wave” is a great example of that. Based on the novel by Todd Strasser the story center’s around the idea of the ease of establishing autocratic control within the confines of a High School classroom that ultimately spills out beyond those walls. It gets pretty heavy and definitely gives the viewer a lot to think about. Highly recommended. One of...

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